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DunkNow Jump Program

DunkNow History:
DunkNow is currently the most advanced vertical jump program in the world. DunkNow is meant to maximize one's vertical jump. DunkNow is currently used by over 30 Division I college basketball teams as a part of their vertical jump routine. The DunkNow Vertical Jump Program is the only vertical jump program that combines bodyweight resistance with Olympic-Style Plyometric and bodyweight exercises. Once an athlete has gone through the DunkNow Program, he or she will not be able to gain an extra inch on his or her vertical jump. The program maximizes your vertical jump in a matter of 3 months and the results are simply incredible. Recently we had a customer gain over 18 inches on his vertical jump in 3 months.

Will It Work For me?
There is only so much we can say about the DunkNow Program, please have a look at the tests displayed on our research page that were independently done by California State University at Long Beach. The studies showed that the DunkNow Program had athletes on average jumping 13.5 inches higher in only a few months of training.

What You Get:

  • DunkNow DVD (over 35 minutes)
  • Vertical Jump Measurement Chart
  • DunkNow Double-Sided Poster
  • Maximize Your Vertical Jump
  • Short Kid Story
  • Guarantee: Jump 10-20 Inches Higher and Run Faster

Jump at least 10-20 Inches Higher and Run Faster. No-question, 6-Month, Money Back Guarantee.

DunkNow Technology:
One reason why DunkNow surpasses anything on the market is what we call the "DunkNow Shock."
The "DunkNow Shock" is the time in the program when you make the transition from the first phase of the program to the second phase. During this uniquely designed interval, the heavily researched group of exercises exert a pressure on your muscles and your body. This pressure is 100% safe and forces your legs and body to adapt and get stronger very quickly. The group of exercises complement one another and the "DunkNow Shock" effect takes place.


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