Vertical Jump Guarantee

Jump Higher 10-20 Inches Higher, 100% Guaranteed

If you don't jump at least 10 inches
higher, you don't pay anything!
DunkNow fully backs each order with a
6-month, Money Back Guarantee.

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Our Guarantee

At DunkNow, we pride ourselves on our technology and our products. Even though over 95% of the athletes who try our program reported to have gained the guaranteed inches on their Vertical Jump, there is still the 5% that do not meet the guaranteed gains.

Everyday we go to work trying to reduce that 5% by making our products better and our technology more effective. For now, all we can do is provide every DunkNow customer with our 6-month, no-question, 100% Money Back Guarantee. When you purchase the DunkNow Vertical Jump Program, we will provide you with the following guarantee:

Jump 10-20 Inches Higher

6-Month, 100% Guarantee

*NEW: Extended Guarantee

*If you can touch the net, you will dunk, Guaranteed.



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(How 10 inches will affect your vertical leap)