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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does DunkNow have a guarantee?
Yes! Even though over 95% of the athletes who use one of our programs report to have gained the guaranteed inches, we offer a 6-month, no-question, 100% Money-Back Guarantee. The DunkNow Program offers a 6-month guarantee that will have you jumping at least 10-20 inches higher or your money back.


2. Who Created DunkNow?
Our programs were developed by a group of former US Olympic Team Trainers. DunkNow LLC. is an established company in the state of California. We offer tours of our facility to our customers who are visiting Silicon Valley in northern California. DunkNow's products are also tested and proven by some of the strictest restrictions.
There are tens of other Vertical Jump programs available online but please be careful as many of them are scam and gimmicks. The majority of the scams include E-Books that are downloaded in a word document after purchase. These programs are home-made and put together very poorly.
DunkNow products include DVDs, booklets, charts and various posters.

3. Does DunkNow really work?
Absolutely! DunkNow has been used in over 50 countries and is currently the best-selling and fasting-growing program in the world. If you don't gain 10-20 inches with the DunkNow Program, we will issue you a full refund, less shipping.


4. Does DunkNow cause injury?
No. DunkNow is the safest way to increase your Vertical Jump. DunkNow only uses bodyweight and Olympic-Style Plyometrics to increase your jump. Our program does not cause any injuries and actually helps to promote your growth.


5. What is the age limit for DunkNow?
The minimum age for DunkNow is 11. With that said, we have athletes ranging from 11 to 65 currently using our program.


6. Can I lift weights with DunkNow?
Yes. You can still lift weights while doing the DunkNow program.


7. How is DunkNow shipped?
We ship our program through the United States Postal Service (USPS) from our headquarters in San Jose, California.


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8. Can I do DunkNow during the sports season?
Yes. DunkNow is done only 4 days a week and can be worked into your busy sports season.


9. How long does it take to receive DunkNow from the time of my purchase?
DunkNow takes 5-10 Days to arrive from the day you place your order.


10. Do I need access to a gym or any other equipment?
No. Everything you need is included with our programs and you can complete the programs in your own home.


11. Where can I purchase DunkNow?
The only place to purchase one of our products is in here on our website.