DunkNow Company

DunkNow LLC. Established 2001 in California.

DunkNow LLC. is a registered company
in the state of California. We are currently
located in the heart of Silicon Valley.

4960 Almaden Expressway #277 San Jose, CA 95118 USA

About Us

DunkNow LLC.

Established: 2001

4960 Almaden Expressway #277
San Jose, California 95118 USA

DunkNow LLC. is located in San Jose, California. Our mission today includes building not only a product but a tool for generations of athletes who wish to elevate their game and increase their Vertical Jump abilities. Since 2001, DunkNow LLC. has outsold and outperformed all other Vertical Jump tools combined. We have built a company on trust and quality and our products today stand in a league of their own.

With every purchase of a DunkNow product, we can assure you countless hours of research and numerous studies that have gone into making the product absolutely perfect. We also guarantee that if for any reason the product doesn't suit your needs and you don't gain the guaranteed inches, we will fully refund your money within 6 months, no questions asked.

For a company tour of our facilities, please feel free to contact us at Contact@DunkNow.com