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Jump higher and Increase Your Vertical Jump.

Jump 10-20 Inches Higher, 100% Guaranteed.

DunkNow is the world's most advanced
vertical leap training program.
Developed by former US Olympic
Team Trainers.

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DunkNow Vertical Jump Program

DunkNow is the world's most popular Vertical Jump Program. Our vertical leap program combines Plyometrics along with bodyweight-training to help you jump higher and increase your vertical jump. DunkNow is the only vertical leap training program that has been proven to maximize your vertical jump . Our Vertical Jump Program is shipped from California via the United States Postal Service and DunkNow also comes with a 6-month, no-question, Money Back Guarantee. No Weight Lifting

Our program was developed by a group of former US Olympic Team Trainers that sought to bring world-class training to the masses. The minimum age for training with DunkNow is 11.

*No gym membership Required. Program can be done at home.

DunkNow Quick Facts:

  • Guaranteed Gains: 10-20 Inches
  • Maximizes Your Vertical Jump
  • Delivery-time (shipped via USPS): 5-10 Days
  • Created in California
  • DunkNow Age Limit: 11 Years of Age
  • Program Includes: 34-minute DVD, Double-Sided Workout Chart, Vertical Jump Measurement Chart, and the Short Kid Story.
  • No extra equipment Needed.


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"I gained 14 inches on my vertical
jump. Thank you so much!"
-J. Scott | Santa Rosa, CA


Jump Higher within 7 Days

DunkNow Program


Jump 10-20 Inches Higher, 100% Guaranteed.

Developed by former US Olympic Team Trainers, DunkNow is the only proven vertical jump program that will maximize your vertical leap.

DunkNow combines bodyweight resistance with Olympic-Style Plyometrics and bodyweight exercises to create what we call the "DunkNow Shock".

DunkNow was scientifically proven by California State University at Long Beach to improve your vertical jump drastically. That's why we can guarantee every user of the DunkNow Program to jump at least 10-20 inches higher or their money back.

Our program will help you jump higher, run faster, and become a better player, all using our regiment consisting of bodyweight exercises and Olympic-style Plyometrics. The DunkNow Program has already helped athletes soar to new heights, and it could be the key to improving your skills.

DunkNow is safe and works for all ages and levels. The program requires no weights or special equipment and can be done at home. The DunkNow Program includes a 34 minute DVD, our Vertical Jump Measurement Chart, our Double-sided Workout Charts, and the Short Kid Story. Join the thousands to try our program and start dunking now; you simply have nothing to lose.

*No Extra Equipment Needed | Delivery Estimate with USPS: 5-10 Days

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DunkNow Original Program

DunkNow Shock

Shock Your Body to Get Stronger and Jump Higher

One reason why DunkNow surpasses anything on the market is what we call the "DunkNow Shock." The "DunkNow Shock" is the time in the program when you make the transition from the first phase of the program to the second phase.

During this uniquely designed interval, the heavily researched group of exercises exert a pressure on your muscles and your body. This pressure is 100% safe and forces your legs and body to adapt and get stronger very quickly.

The group of exercises complement one another and the "DunkNow Shock" effect takes place.

guaranteed results

100% Money-Back Guarantee

Our Guarantee: Jump 10-20 Inches Higher or Your Money Back

We are so confident in our vertical jump program that we guarantee an improvement of at least 10 inches on your vertical leap.

To stand behind our claim, we will guarantee a 10-20 inch increase on your vertical jump that you will jump higher to athletes who purchase the DunkNow Program, master the exercises, and most importantly, stay committed to the program. If you put time and effort into the program and happen to fall in the unfortunate 5% who don't meet the 10-inch improvement, DunkNow will refund the full price of your program.

*New Extended Guaranteed:

If you can currently touch the net on a regulation 10 foot hoop, we guarantee that you will dunk within 6 months.

Dunknow research

Proven to Work

After DunkNow Training, users averaged a gain of 13.5 inches on their vertical leap.
- Long Beach State.

DunkNow's former US Olympic Team Trainers have composed the most powerful Vertical Jump program on the market today. As much as we could claim that no other company or product comes close to matching our trainers' expertise and knowledge in the field, we instead handed our product to third-party testers for in-depth analysis.

Studies conducted by Long Beach State Athletics found that on average, users training with the DunkNow program had average gains of 13.5 inches.


DunkNow Testimonial

Inches Gained on Vertical Jump: 15.5

"I tried the DunkNow Jump Program and it really does what it promises. I went from touching the net before I started the program to grabbing the rim within a month, then after 4 months I was dunking a volleyball. Within the 5th month I dunked a basketball on a regulation size 10 foot hoop.

I could not explain the feeling when I threw it down. DunkNow is amazing and everyone should check it out."

Oh yeah and I can do a windmill dunk!

Shane Gilbert – Dallas, Texas

Vertical Jump iPhone App

iPhone App

Coming Soon...

We are currently developing an iPhone application that will help all users of the DunkNow Program track their progress, keep up with fellow athletes, and watch their daily vertical leap exercises.

This amazingly intuitive app will be unveiled within the next year and we can assure you that it's going to be remarkable.

Contact DunkNow

Contact Dunknow

If you have a question, please do not hesitate to write, e-mail or call us at any time. We rarely take longer than an hour to return a question.